Multi format Dolby stream decoder and Dolby E encoder with Quad-Speed audio bus and voice over module

  • Multi format ADD-ON or stand alone Dolby stream decoder
    • Dolby E
    • Dolby Digital
    • Dolby Digital Plus
  • Dolby E Encoder
  • 16 channel PCM processing capabilities
  • Quad speed audio bus for convenient routing of ADD-ON channels
  • Optional re-inserting of processed audio for downstream post-processing (DLAxx)
  • 2, 4 or 6 physical stereo AES/EBU inputs and 16 stereo bus inputs
  • 2, 4 or 6 physical stereo AES/EBU (can contain Dolby Bit streams) outputs and 8 stereo (into 16 stereo) bus outputs
  • E decoding with automatic source selection on loss of E
  • Voice activated Voice Over engine that can be applied to any of the 16 internal streams
    • GPI trigger of VO is included
    • GPI can be used as ‘cough button’ to mute unwanted voice activated mixing
  • Physical metadata output
  • Individual offset delay per input
  • Individual gain control per input (except bitstream input)
  • Able to handle all AES/EBU input formats (optional SRC on inputs)
  • Full audio channel shuffling
  • Loudness measurement according to ITU BS.1770 and ITU BS,1770-2 (CALM and R128)
    • A tone generator is included that can be controlled by the loudness measurement.
    • It will generate a -20dBFS sinewave when the loudness measurement reads and measures -20LUFS so a normal peak/VU meter can be used to read loudness

DDE28: Multi format Dolby stream decoder and Dolby E encoder with voice over module

Standard I/O:
BPL11_DDE28: I/O panel for DEE28
BPL11D_DDE28: I/O panel for DEE28 on D-sub


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